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Buy Halloween T-Shirts Online India: Halloween is celebrated on the night of October 31 mainly in the Anglo-Saxon world: the United States, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom , with the exception of Australia and New Zealand where the tradition is not so deeply rooted.

It is one of the most important nights for Americans and Canadians whose children take to the streets dressed as ghosts, goblins and demons, to ask for sweets and treats from their neighbors.

In Spain and Latin America, in general, this celebration is considered an American holiday, but there are traditions and celebrations that same day with the same meaning of closeness to the world of the dead.

The celebration of Halloween has become something very traditional not only in the United States , but also this festivity has been exported to many other countries although its origin is not American at all. In About History we explain now what is the history of the day of the dead , and the customs of Halloween and above all what is the true origin of a holiday in which in other countries, it seems that the memory of those who no longer they are aside from costumes and pumpkins .

More than 2,000 years ago, on the night of Samhain , the Celts turned off the lights and hoped that death would not knock on their doors. The Celtic culture covered the  British Isles, Scandinavia and Western Europe and this Samhain tradition spread throughout all these territories, becoming one of the most popular and in fact we can say that despite some distortion it has remained traditional. Evolution modified it but it reaches our days from this origin and its development.

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