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Buy Batman T-Shirts Online India The origin of this superhero stems from a trauma in his childhood because when the boy Bruce left the monarch theater for home, a criminal intercepted the Wayne family and pointed a gun at them demanding Martha’s necklace, Bruce’s parents refuse. , so the thief shoots them causing fatal injuries leaving the child traumatized for life.

Bruce Wayne would inherit the entire fortune and would be under the care of Alfred, from that moment on the little boy promises to eradicate evil from his city and develops numerous abilities that, together with expensive artifacts, made him Batman.

Where did it first appear?

The character first appeared in ‘The Bat-man’, a comic book series from DC Comics , the original concept of the character was created by Bob Kane who was inspired by the detective Sherlock Holmes, the fox and a draft of a flying machine with bat wings.

In May 39, the appearance of the character in volume one of the detective series was published for the first time. In this first issue we see Bruce Wayne with Commissioner Gordon, talking about a Superhero named Batman.