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Buy Captain America T-Shirts Online India

Buy Captain America T-Shirts Online India:- Captain America first appeared in Captain America Comics #1 , back in March 1941 . The issue was published by Marvel’s predecessor Timely Comics and was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby . However, the character had a very short first stage, since it stopped being published in 1950.

He managed to get into the army by skipping the physical tests. He got strong without stepping into a gym. He fought in World War II against the Nazis and tasted ice before Walt Disney himself. And when he woke up, they considered him the first of the Avengers. Come on, the biography of Captain America is anything but boring; a hero tailor-made by his creators in one of the most difficult moments in history . Today we will talk about Steve Rogers , the super soldier who was involved in World War II both in fiction and in reality.

Within its historical context, Captain America is what is seen with the naked eye: a propaganda character whose purpose was to awaken the patriotic sentiment of American society . However, the character would take even more prominence after the attack on Pearl Harbor, which would enter the United States into World War II. During that time, Captain America would become one of the best-selling superhero comics of all time, during a time spanning from 1938 to 1956 known as the Golden Age of Comic Books . in English).

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