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Buy Coffee T-Shirts Online India:- Coffee is a hot infusion that is consumed in various Western countries . Its name derives from a tree: the coffee plant whose grain is used to make said infusion.
The coffee plant or tree reaches between 4 and 6 meters in height, although it is mostly cut down so that the beans are not produced at such a height. For its part , the coffee bean measures approximately 1 centimeter .

Did you know that the original name of coffee is Qahwah and is born from the Yemeni term used to describe wine? In Turkey it is known as Kahveh, and in the Netherlands Koffie. From here comes the name in English: Coffee and in Spanish: Café.

Coffee is an aromatic beverage widely consumed throughout the world. But the knowledge around this product is very scarce or the essential is simply known.

Coffee is one of the most popular products on the planet, it is obtained from a bush seed known as Cafeto. Its seed is roasted and ground, to become powder. This is what we put in the filters to infuse the water and obtain the drink.
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