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Buy DC T-Shirts Online India:- DC Comics is one of the most influential in this sense along with Marvel, so if you are a follower of the brand and its licenses, here you can find all kinds of information on Batman and other characters , in addition to video games based on their licenses .

In this way, in this category you can access all kinds of current information, curiosities and other types of content about comics, both from DC Comics and from other brands.

DC Comics movies have an order, even if sometimes it doesn’t seem like it. If the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a kind of giant spider web, a shared universe full of connections between the movies of one superhero and another and their television series, the DC Comics Cinematic Universe is a straight line full of slashes that we try to connect . We know that there is a shared universe, at least in most cases and when it matters, but also that everything can be ignored at least for the individual good of the film. If you are already clear about the chronological order of the Marvel movies , here we come to clarify the matter with DC.

Perhaps, now that Marvel is entering the multiverse , filling its superhero universe with alternative realities and versions, it will end up looking like what the DCEU has been doing for quite some time, only without such a visible justification or logic. Be that as it may, and despite its lurches, it is clear that the DCEU also has its shared universe, although its rules are not entirely clear . After all, we only have to look at the year 2022 to realize that we are going to have a new Batman with ‘The Batman’ with Robert Pattinson , while there is talk that in ‘Flash’ nothing more and nothing less than Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton’s Batman.