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Buy Gaming T-Shirts Online India:- The gamer is a video gamer who has great passion and interest in playing and knowing about video games, and his main interest, in addition to enjoying the video game, is to finish it with high records (scores) and take full advantage of it, thus differentiating himself from the so-called casual gamer . , who only plays to play or to have a fun time without big goals, such as finishing the game.

Differences with the casual gamer

The gamer differs from the casual gamer, in that the casual gamer will generally go for the cheapest game console or video game, the easiest to use and play, or simply that is fashionable. He usually doesn’t have much knowledge about the construction, quality, and other more specific topics of video games.

The casual player does not have the ” gamer culture “, that is, knowing what a graphics card, a driver, etc. is, and therefore does not care or bother to install it, looking at the best only in the quality graph and popularity. In addition, casual players do not appreciate the specific graphic aspects that define the video game such as HDR, shaders or other new computer inclusions and therefore they never understand what it is or are interested in knowing it.

On the other hand, the gamer is generally not interested in ” casual video games ” and is mainly interested in more complex video games that are difficult to handle and master, that present a real challenge, without caring about spending hours and hours practicing to discover and exploit all the hidden aspects. of the video game, dominating and being interested in more specific terms and topics such as those related to graphics, computing, hardware, etc., and that the best technology is present and well used in the novelties created by the video game industry. Likewise, the gamer is interested in multiplayer video games or online video games, and if he can, he creates clans or participates in tournaments to be able to demonstrate his skills. For many, being a gamer is a lifestyle.

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