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Buy It Penny Wise T-Shirts Online India

Buy It T-Shirts Online India:-Pennywise the Clown, also called Bob Gray and known to his enemies as It , is a fictional character created by writer Stephen King for his horror novel It , in which he is the main antagonist and villain. He was portrayed by British actor Tim Curry in the movie It.

Pennywise is a physically shape-shifting monster (mainly taking the form of a clown) who they call ” Pennywise “. This monster is capable of adapting any way to the greatest fears of people, especially the children that he is used to eating.

Pennywise does not have a fixed form, but usually appears in the form of a clown. While in the novel he is described as a cross between Bozo and Ronald McDonald, dressed in an all-silver suit with orange buttons; in the movie he is seen as a bald clown, with a white face, red hair around his head, a red nose, a ruff, yellow suspenders with orange buttons, and white gloves; he from time to time he carries balloons in his hand.

On numerous occasions, brown fangs usually appear and his eyes turn yellow surrounded by red to frighten his victims, which has made him a very feared character by viewers. Many people started out on the radio because of characters like It, who is now a very popular icon among all killer clowns. He has a very strange sense of humor. He is often laughing and telling grotesque jokes.

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