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Buy Justice League T-Shirts Online India

Buy Justice League T-Shirts Online India:- The Justice League  movie has encouraged me to do something that I love and that is to dive into its beginnings to offer you, dear reader, the origin of this League .

The Justice League is not as original as it seems at first glance. We can say that it is the update of a previous group, the  Justice Society of America , JSA  which is usually translated as The Justice Society of America . Hence, he affirms that everything begins in a society.

It all begins on a date, 1940, with World War II as the setting. With the war as one of the main themes of American comics, sales and the amount of them that year were spectacular. Up to 150 titles came to be on the market. This torrent of creativity and material led to the decade being defined as the  Golden Age  of comics .

In this scenario, the leader was  National , the future  DC Comics , and its All-American Publications label  , which accounted for the bulk of superhero publications. In addition to well-known characters such as  Wonder Woman ,  Batman  and  Superman ,  Green Lantern or  Flash , others were created:  Atom ,  Hourman ,  Sandman ,  Johnny Thunder ,  Hawkman ,  Starman ,  Dr. Midnight ,  The Specter ,  Wildcat , Hawkgirl ,  Mr. Terrific ,  Black Canary ,  Star-Spangled Kid   , or  Dr. Fate .

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