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Buy Mario T-Shirts Online India

Buy Mario T-Shirts Online India:- Mario Bros is one of the most recognized video games worldwide ; This is due to the fact that the image of Mario, its protagonist – a blue overalls, white gloves, red hat and large mustaches – has gone beyond consoles and transcended several generations, for which it is considered a benchmark of pop culture. So, due to its importance and recognition, it is worth knowing its origin in the 80s, which was inspired by another great cartoon character: Popeye the Sailor .

Mario’s beginning was not with that name; his origin dates back to Jumpman , a character that Japanese video game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto , created to rescue a princess held captive by a gorilla in the game Donkey Kong (1981). This entertainment product arose from the Popeye cartoon, where he is represented by Jumpman, Olivia takes place in the damsel and Brutus is reflected in the ape.

The Japanese video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto gave life to Mario Bros, the video game character that has best adapted to the different times that he has lived through.The mythical plumber created by Miyamoto has blown out the candles for the 35th anniversary of his iconic saga: ‘Super Mario’. This treasures a large catalog of titles . In addition, his fans know that in any of the Nintendo consoles , at least one game with which to have a good time awaits them. By the way, that ‘ Super Mario Bros’, the title that opened this franchise , is the best-selling in the history of Mario with 40.24 million units . We review the history of ‘Super Mario’ and its most outstanding titles

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