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Buy Nature T-Shirts Online India:-We explain what nature is, what types exist and the elements that compose it. In addition, the impact of the human being on it.

What is nature?

In most cases, when we mention nature, we are referring to the natural world or the material world, that is, to all the physical phenomena of the world and of living beings in general, without taking into consideration the artifacts and objects of human manufacture, nor the processes of intervention of the human being in the environment .

In other words, we understand by nature the material and evident world, as it is given, as well as the set of forces and elements that are its own. It is a concept that is opposed to the world of the “artificial” of human beings , and also to the supposed world of the “supernatural” of the mystical or phantasmagorical.

The origin of this word reveals a lot about its possible meanings. It comes from the Latin term natura , derived from the verb nasci , “to be born”. The natural is what remains as it originated without the help of the human being, and therefore nature is the set of natural things. Similarly, the nature of something is its essence , its truth , that is, the set of its original and proper properties.

For this reason, when we speak of nature understood as the natural world, we always start from the idea that it is a question of a deep and true order of the world, that is, an order that was born with the world, that is prior to the existence of the human order. In many ways it can come to oppose it, since the human being has done nothing but alter the natural order of things since its appearance on Earth .

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