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Buy Pokemon T-Shirts Online India

Buy Pokemon T-Shirts Online India:- Pokémon are unique creatures that have been invented by a company called Game Freak . Pokémon, whose original name in Japanese is Poketto Monstaa , is based on the fanaticism that its creator, Satoshi Tajiri , had since childhood of collecting insects. We can see Pokémon as a hybrid resulting from the union of several animals, for example some with mouse characteristics like Pikachu or bear characteristics like Cubone.

The word Pokémon comes from the contraction of the English words ” Poc ke t Mon ster “, whose literal meaning in Spanish would be “pocket monsters”, because these creatures can be kept and transported in a device called Pokéball, Pokébola in Spanish . Currently more than 800 different Pokémon are known, but these are not the only ones, since there are many unknown classes in the world.

Based on the popular video game series, Pokémon players, called trainers , battle each other with their Pokémon or creatures in the wild. The winner of a battle is the trainer whose Pokémon causes the opponent to weaken or leave the battle. You can also capture the wild Pokémon and have them for yourself. Another positive aspect of Pokémon games is the great interaction between the character and the other players. To progress through the game, you must talk to everyone you see, battle other trainers, and trade Pokémon with your friends.

Something that especially highlights these creatures is their ability to evolve into other Pokémon. A Pokémon can evolve, that is, grow and gain new abilities as it gains experience through battles against other Pokémon. Others do it with special stones, or with special devices. A few evolve when they are traded with other trainers, or when they are happy. Some do not evolve.

Capturing a Pokémon requires engaging it in battle, weakening it, either by yourself or with another Pokémon, and capturing it with a Pokéball. Upon capturing it, it will be faithful to its Trainer, as long as it is treated as it deserves. Another possibility would be that the wild Pokémon for various reasons becomes fond of the Trainer and decides of its own free will to accompany it.

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