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Buy Squid Game T-Shirts Online India

Buy Squid Game T-Shirts Online India:- The Squid Game (Squid Game in English) is a South Korean Netflix series that premiered on September 17 of this year, it is already monopolizing headlines, criticism and content on social networks. For what does not have much time to premiere, it is important to highlight some curious facts about this installment.

The original title was originally going to be Round 6 because it reminded the director of the times when he was little and played that game with his classmates in his schoolyard.

It mainly highlights the loss of innocence that human beings lose every day as they grow and develop. Local cultural observer Kim Seong Su sees Squid Game as an illustration of the reality of life for many people today: the conflict of social classes and the rigors of living in a system of capitalism.

It consists of an attacker and a defender facing each other in triangle, square and circle shapes simulating the shape of a squid. Some others are inspired by ‘The tug of war’, the canines and a hopscotch with minesweeper.

The director of the series commented in an interview that the story has been written for more than a decade, in addition that the initial script for the series was started in 2008 and finished in 2019 . It was seen as a strange story with a lot of violence, so it was difficult to bring it to the big screen so quickly.

Because the filming was quite intense, even Netflix restricted the age range to watch the series and put it over 19 years old . It is curious, since the soundtrack that accompanies the scenes of violence are the most popular Korean children’s songs from the 70s and 90s.


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