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Buy Stranger Things T-Shirts Online India

Buy Stranger Things T-Shirts Online India:- Stranger Things is the series of strange things, forgive the redundancy. The title already warns. The disappearance of a child in strange circumstances and his mother’s determination to prove that he has not left of his own free will and that he is still alive are the trigger for a succession of events, each one more unusual. All of them pointing to the same place, that complex in which Dr. Martin Brenner ( Matthew Modine ) works and in which experiments are cooked whose results seem to be to blame for the fact that on November 6, 1983 the small town of Hawkins has changed his usual tedium and tranquility by fear and the most absolute and suffocating mystery.

Four friends, children, play in the basement of the house of one of them. The night has fallen upon them and they say goodbye. They grab their bikes and cycle back to their families. It is a small town, there are no dangers. Everybody knows everybody. It’s 1983. On the way home, something happens. Something strange, strange . And that something takes away Will Byers. Alone at home, there is no one to defend him or to notice his absence until the next day, when it is already too late. The little one has disappeared and nobody can explain how it could have happened. And while police, friends and family are looking for her, a girl, about the same age as her, shaved, with a sanitary nightgown and the number eleven tattooed on her wrist appears with some peculiar abilities.

In Stranger Things, a series whose entire first season will be available from this Friday on Netflix , everything is strange and that is seen from the beginning. From that moment in which a creature that is not shown at all at the beginning escapes and takes a defenseless child. The mystery is there, within the walls of a government facility where nothing is what it seems and something dark is happening. Is the government behind everything? It will be seen over the course of the eight episodes that make up a fiction that recovers the essence of the films of the eighties thanks to a setting put at the service of the plot.

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