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Buy The Joker T-Shirts Online India

Buy The Joker T-Shirts Online India:- Joker movie shows how Arthur Fleck (played by Joaquin Phoenix) becomes the Joker, the Gotham City villain and Batman’s archenemy . The film has sparked all kinds of controversy: is it a justification for violence? Do we see in Joker another version of the romantic argument according to which man is born good and society corrupts him? Does Phillips defy the tradition of the character?

Arthur Fleck is a clown with a strange mental illness. Responsible for the care of his sick mother, he dreams of his own stand up comedy show The situation is not favourable. Both his mental condition and his job make him a frequent target of aggression in Gotham City, a city immersed in deep social tension.

Fleck is attacked on the subway by three drunken youths, but this time, he decides to be the perpetrator. The triple murder, disclosed in the media, generates the sympathy of the citizens. Watching chaos descend, politician Thomas Wayne, revered by Fleck’s mother, announces Fleck’s candidacy for mayor. But now that the underrated and mentally ill Arthur Fleck has gained popularity, his life and that of Gotham City take a radical turn.

Fleck exudes all the elements that call for our compassion as viewers: poverty, (psychiatric) illness, a dysfunctional family, and a noble but precarious job.

Arthur Fleck is presented as a victim of a merciless, indolent, cruel and violent society. Gotham City is absolutely hostile, it’s a sick society. Neither children nor adults are spared. Corruption has penetrated the system and thus, apparently, has built the Joker. But isn’t this conclusion too easy? Could we do another reading?

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