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Buy Toy Story 4 T-Shirts Online India

Buy Toy Story 4 T-Shirts Online India:- ‘Toy Story’ was unanimously considered one of the best trilogies in film history. No one would have complained if the story of Woody, Buzz and the rest had ended in ‘Toy Story 3’ , especially after that ending that went straight to the heart. This has not been the case and it is logical that the public feels mistrust towards a fourth installment that nobody asked for and that threatens to stain the great memory that the previous three had left.

For my part, I didn’t have a special interest in ‘Toy Story 4’ either , but it’s fair to recognize once seen that we are facing a remarkable adventure with a multitude of very funny moments and that manages to give meaning to its existence by recovering a character from the past for focus the story more than ever on the character of Woody. In return , it never reaches the level of its predecessors , but four miracles in a row was also too much to ask.

All the previous films in the franchise based their argument on the need for some kind of rescue and ‘Toy Story 4’ was not going to be an exception. It is in the small deviations from the formula and in the way of adapting it to each specific story where each one of them shone with its own light and here the change from Andy to Bonnie supposes a different criterion when choosing which toys he prefers and there the Woody’s role has clearly lost relevance.

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