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Buy Butterfly T-Shirts Online India: butterfly is an insect that has four wings , usually bright in color. This animal is part of the Lepidoptera : those species that, in addition to two pairs of wings with scales, have a sucking mouth with a proboscis and develop a complete metamorphosis .

In its juvenile phase, the butterfly is a larva or caterpillar . Then it becomes a pupa and with the passage of time it develops the characteristics that define it in its adulthood, such as the wings and the oral apparatus with the trunk that allows it to access the nectar it extracts from the flowers.

Although there are multiple species of butterflies, most are herbivores. They ingest flowers, leaves, roots and stems as a caterpillar and finally nectar. Certain types of butterflies, however, are carnivorous.

To reproduce, males carry out different courtships. Typically, they display themselves to the female and produce pheromones . The smell of these pheromones ends up covering the female.

One of the aspects of butterflies that most attracts us is their life expectancy . In general, as children we are taught that they only live one day; saying this to a young child always generates a very particular impact, considering that our species usually exceeds seventy years of life. But this data is not entirely accurate, at least not for all species.

First of all, we must say that the size of the butterfly species is directly proportional to its life expectancy : while the smallest can live for just a few hours, the largest can exceed ten months. Among the longest living species are Monarchs , certain tropical Heliconius, and Mourning Cloaks .

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