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Buy Coffee T-Shirts Online India: Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages on the planet, addictive in excess and revitalizing if taken in its proper measure.

Whether you are a regular consumer and want to expand your knowledge or if you have never tasted the bitterness of this drink and want to get started, this article will answer all your questions by discovering everything about coffee.

Coffee is born in Africa according to a legend. Its place of origin is known, but not the exact moment, since there are no documents on when coffee beans began to be consumed. One of the most replicated versions tells of the appearance of coffee thanks to a shepherd from Ethiopia. According to legend, this shepherd discovered the properties of coffee when he observed that his goats acted differently than normal and with more energy after eating this enigmatic fruit, and when he tasted them himself, he revealed the energizing and exciting properties. He also discovered the particular and intense aroma that they gave off when thrown into the fire.

Beyond whether this legend is true or not, coffee was discovered in African regions around the 7th century. The etymology of the word coffee comes from Kaffa, a region located in Ethiopia where the coffee tree, the coffee plant, is grown, but the Arabs, the discoverers of coffee, used their own name: “qahwah”.

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