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Buy Motivational Quotes T-Shirts Online India:  The Motivational Quotes  T-shirt underwent significant changes, the new technology of its fabric meant that it could be mass-produced in a more fitted shape, it had better refinement and could be made in textiles such as percale, jersey and wool.

 T-shirts like most garments were born out of necessity, this time, they wanted to protect the body from colds, skin diseases and even at that time women were recommended to do without corsets, replacing them with these garments.

At the end of this century the British sailors joined the use of these shirts to wear them under their uniform, these were white flannel.

T-shirts were still underwear at this point, but by the time the British Royal Navy began allowing its sailors to wear these garments when working on deck, the way men viewed the T-shirt changed a bit; this practice spread and was adopted very quickly by working-class men on weekends.

the shirt was already marketed as an outer garment for sports, to rest, or as an undershirt, “it is practical, correct, in any way”, said multiple advertisements at that time encouraging men to show their white shirt.

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