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Buy Panda T-Shirts Online India: The panda bear, also known as the giant panda, is an omnivorous mammal characterized by its black and white coloration and its fondness for bamboo. In Chinese culture it is called bear-cat due to the small and elongated shape of its eyes, similar to those of these felines.


The giant panda inhabits the remote mountainous regions of Central China and Tibet at elevations of 1,200-4,100 meters above sea level. Previously, its geographic range covered vast areas, including most of southern and eastern China, but today it is only present in parts of 6 isolated mountain ranges: Minshan, Qinling, Qionglai, Liangshan, Daxiangling, Xiaoxiangling.

Bamboo forests are their quintessential habitat. They are characterized by being mountainous, humid and cool, which is why the panda protects itself among the trees or in caves. Due to its loss of habitat, the panda bear only lives in this region in the wild, since it is found in various latitudes of the world but in captivity

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