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    Grey Melange Plain T-Shirt For Women:

    • Fit: Fits just right – not too tight, not too loose.
    • Colour: Grey Melange
    • Style: Standard Fit, Round Neck, Short Sleeves
    • GSM: 180
    • Fabric: 100% Cotton


Buy Plain T-Shirt Online India

Buy Plain T-Shirts Online India: Plain T-shirt It is, according to the Royal Spanish Academy of Language : short shirt with wide sleeves/inner garment or sports garment that covers the trunk, generally without a collar. But today its meaning is much broader, this garment has become more variable, not only because of the different colors and illustrations, but also because of the very different shapes they take on. They are manufactured in a multitude of materials, countless photos, drawings, illustrations, messages, etc. are silk-screened. You just have to go outside, especially in the heat of summer, to see what the phenomenon of the invention of t-shirts has meant all over the world. Perhaps its secret lies in the same as jeans, the comfort of wearing them.

They don’t just make short-sleeved t-shirts anymore, but also tank tops, wide-neck t-shirts, boy’s t-shirts, crew-neck t-shirts, sleeveless t-shirts, long-shot t-shirts, sports t-shirts (or sweatshirts), etc. The name by which the t-shirts are known is very varied: t-shirt in Spain , t-shirt in Argentina , t-shirt in Chile , flannel in Venezuela , t-shirt in Mexico ., … and t-shirt in English (because of its T-shape). T-shirts usually have serigraphs or vinyl prints, with some advertising or funny text or drawing, which reinforces the festive and carefree character of the garment. They are a symbol of contemporary times worldwide, a revolution in clothing since the 50s. More than clothes, a way of communicating

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