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Buy Pocket T-Shirts Online India: The Pocket t-shirt is a piece of clothing that is characterized by its short sleeves, its round neck and its front part without buttons, which is what distinguishes it from a shirt or a polo shirt, although its evolution has made it a garment with multiple styles and we can find them with long sleeves, V-necks, short bodies and different fabrics. The T-shirt is one of the best-selling textile garments in the world.

Its most historic beginning is that of the Middle Ages, these T-shirts had the shape of a T, were made of cotton or linen fabrics and their main function was to protect the skin. They were a main layer between the body and the clothes they needed to wear, which were rough and uncomfortable. Their functionality was absolutely effective: easy to wash, they served as a hygienic barrier.

It also symbolized status, if you saw a gentleman wearing a clean and washed shirt, you immediately assumed that there was a lot of wealth behind it.

But this design changed for the 19th century, when these T-shaped garments (which were too long and stuck between the legs) were disappearing, leaving in their place a smaller garment with a tighter fit.

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