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Buy Sailor Moon T-Shirt Online India

Buy Sailor Moon T-Shirts Online India: Sailor Moon is a teenage girl, with very long blonde hair, which is parted into two loose pigtails and tied like buns ( Odango ), she has fair skin and large blue eyes.

Her outfit is inspired by sailor school uniforms ( Sailor-fuku ), both in its colors and design. It should be noted that, in Japan (and other countries), they use a school uniform of this type, but with differences in size and design; Japan currently uses a similar uniform for female high school students (7th-9th grade) in public schools.

The suit consists of a white one-piece swimsuit, with filled waves on the edges, it ends in a ‘V’ shape at the waist, the neck is a kind of blue scarf with three white stripes on the edges, in the style of a sailor. , with a mini-cape that falls behind, a characteristic red bow with a golden brooch in the middle that varies depending on the one worn in the season. She wears a blue pleated mini skirt and a red bow at the back. She wears white gloves up to the elbows, which end with a kind of red fabric bracelets and red/fuchsia boots, with the upper part pointed with a white border, she also has a golden ornament in the shape of a lying crescent moon. Finally, she wears as accessories a golden tiara on her forehead, in the shape of a ‘V’, with an oval red gem in the middle,Naru , who go over the “buns” on his head. She also wears a pink choker with a gold colored crescent moon charm attached to it.

Sailor Moon

In this form, the style is maintained and does not vary much, except for the colors. She acquires a kind of a group of three “bunny ears” like mini-hooks in her hair, of which she wears two on her sides, her skirt is now white and ends with yellow, blue and pink edges, with a kind of skirt-style gold belt, with the same buckle as the brooch she wears on her chest, the bow behind her waist is now longer and light pink, the “mini-cape” on her neck changes the white lines to gold , the pendant on her choker is now a pink heart. Her sleeves are now like three-layer semi-sheer pink shoulder pads, leaving the armpit part bare. In her first appearance, she also possessed semi-transparent pink butterfly wings

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