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Buy 90’s T-Shirts Online India: Made in the 90s shirts are tourist shirts from the tiny island nation of Madeintheninties in the Hebrides. Madeintheninties’ main claim to fame is that it is the birthplace of “Small plates” restaurants. However, unlike their pretentious cousins elsewhere, the twin restaurants that spawned the “small plates” craze serve tiny portions on tiny plates out of necessity: the island is only six square meters in size. Large plates with large portions simply do not fit!

It’s up to you if you want to wear the shirt or not, but let me warn you: when you wash and dry it, it WILL shrink, as all shirts from Madeintheninties do.

At Victor del Peral, we have t-shirts made with 100% natural fibers, a perfect fit and our fabrics have the best quality. T-shirts are one of our favorite garments. In addition, our small basic color palette means you can combine them with whatever you want. 

This garment has been linked with generation after generation of musicians, writers, actors, rappers, pop stars and models.

It is the easiest garment to wear and combine, the best accessory without a doubt and it is a vital garment for us, we cannot live without shirts!

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