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Buy Geek T-Shirts Online India:- Geek is an English word that in Spanish is used to designate a person passionate about technology and computing and with great knowledge on these issues . The word geek is an English word whose first record dates back to the 19th century; originally, it meant ‘fool’.

Hence, in English the word geek maintains certain derogatory connotations . It describes a type of individual who is enthusiastic to the point of obsession with knowledge, lacking in social skills, and out of fashion.

In Spanish , however, the term is fundamentally used to characterize a type of person who is knowledgeable and loves technology issues , and does not necessarily have a pejorative aspect. Hence, in its beginnings, when computing was still in its infancy, the geek was a kind of weirdo who preferred to focus on activities related to technology, rather than engage in more conventional distractions.

The geek , in this sense, is similar to—although not the same as—the nerd . In the social sphere, for example, the geek tends to be more sociable, open and outgoing than the nerd ; He seeks to connect with people with the same interests as him, and for this he uses the resources that the Internet makes available to him, such as chat rooms, social networks or blogs.

Geeks are people who love the new and most advanced in technology, in this sense, they are great consumers of this type of product, such as tablets, smartphones, computers, etc. They are lovers of expressions of popular culture , such as cinema, comics, literature, television series and video games, especially when they deal with topics such as science fiction and the fantasy genre.

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