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Buy Men Plain T-Shirts Online India

Buy Men Plain T-Shirts Online India:- The Plain t-shirt is a true classic that supports all fashion designers in our times. It was born as an undergarment worn by men.

Its most historic beginning is that of the Middle Ages, these T-shirts had the shape of a T, were made of cotton or linen fabrics and their main function was to protect the skin. They were a main layer between the body and the clothes they needed to wear, which were rough and uncomfortable. Their functionality was absolutely effective: easy to wash, they served as a hygienic barrier.

It also symbolized status, if you saw a gentleman wearing a clean and washed shirt, you immediately assumed that there was a lot of wealth behind it.

But this design changed for the 19th century, when these T-shaped garments (which were too long and stuck between the legs) were disappearing, leaving in their place a smaller garment with a tighter fit.

In this century, the shirt underwent significant changes, the new technology of its fabric meant that it could be mass-produced in a more fitted shape, had better refinement and could be made in textiles such as percale, jersey and wool.

 T-shirts like most garments were born out of necessity, this time, they wanted to protect the body from colds, skin diseases and even at that time women were recommended to do without corsets, replacing them with these garments.

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