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Buy Unicorn T-Shirts Online India: The unicorn is a mythological creature in the shape of a horse, white in color and with a horn protruding from its forehead. It is an animal full of magic, with a noble and very spiritual nature, it is thought that its intelligence is similar to that of humans. The unicorn is a legendary being that has been a character in many legends . During the Middle Ages they were considered mythical animals capable of defeating other much larger animals.

What is the unicorn?

The beautiful white horse with an intertwined horn protruding from its forehead is but the distortion of many stories. The image of today differs from the image of other times. An animal of incomparable beauty. A symbol of purity. A creature with healing powers that protects us and at the same time must be protected. That is the romantic concept of the myth of the unicorn.

The romanticism of his image ends when we see his most usual representation. It is a mixture of a white horse, an antelope and a goat. His form is that of a horse, his legs are like those of an antelope, and his eyes and beard are like those of a goat. Isn’t he so glamorous anymore? That must be the reason why his figure has been transforming into that idealized image of today.

What remains unchanged are the attributes of a strong creature with healing powers. The unicorn’s horn was believed to purify ponds and streams so that other animals could drink from their waters.

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