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Buy Nature T-Shirts Online India: The term nature has various meanings, depending on whether it refers to one topic or another. There is the consideration of Nature as the essence of life, as a goddess or the set of living beings and the environment in which they are immersed and also as the way to differentiate the class, species or gender of a thing.

In the broadest sense of the term, nature is the physical, natural, or material universe . But when talking about nature, it is also feasible to refer to life in general, in addition to the physical world. Science and all its branches are dedicated to trying to understand the functioning of nature and the elements that compose it.


Within the various uses that are given to the term nature is the direct reference to wildlife, ecology and geology . When referring to nature we can refer to the general field of living plants and animals. And, in some cases, encompass the processes associated with inanimate elements, as is the case with the weather.

When speaking of natural environment, direct reference is made to habitat or space . That is where the different interrelationships between animals, plants, water, minerals, air, etc. take place. The reference to ‘natural’ implies that these systems have not been significantly altered by human actions.

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