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Buy Skull T-Shirts Online India:- The skull is the bony structure that is responsible for covering and protecting the brain (the set of various organs and structures that are included in the nervous system, such as the brain , the cerebellum and the medulla oblongata ).

Eight bones form the box of the human skull, whose thickness varies according to the person; their names are as follows: occipital , frontal , ethmoid , sphenoid , two parietal , and two temporal . It is important to highlight that in some cases the existence of sutural bones is also recorded .

There are several denominations that are equivalent or similar to the notion of skull. The skull is also often referred to as the head skeleton , bony head, or skull , depending on the context.

The function of the skull is very important as it provides protection to the brain, a very sensitive organ that is essential for life.

What the skull does is protect the brain from blows and other damage, although the bony box can also be affected by trauma.

What does skull mean?

In ancient times, specifically in the region of Greece, this term came from the word “kranion” , which meant helmet , and was designated to describe those objects or structures that protect something less resistant. 

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