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Buy PUBG T-Shirts Online India:-PUBG is the most popular video game of 2017, and only yesterday it released its version 1.0. That is, it achieved success even before releasing a final version. In Bluehole Studio’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds , we’re going to have to survive on an island after parachuting down. It is a giant stage, in which we fight against 100 other participants, in an online shooter format .

The interesting thing about the Battle Royale game mode is that not only is it everyone against everyone, but we are also going to start on the same terms as the rest: and you have to go through the terrain to get weapons, protection and vehicles while the map it shrinks randomly, forcing clashes between players.

There are daring players and others who just hide, but whatever the way of playing, PUBG was installed in the world of video games where today it celebrates having surpassed the barrier of 30 million players globally and continues to break Guinness records. , as the one with the largest number of players online simultaneously

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