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Buy Snoopy T-Shirts Online India:- Everyone knows Snoopy. He has been the most charismatic beagle in the world of comics and his tremendous imagination and his red kennel which he never enters are famous. Surely you have read and seen some of his adventures, but do you know who created Snoopy?

Snoopy evolved as Peanuts grew up. In its beginnings the character had much more in common with conventional dogs; he was much quieter, that is, his thoughts were not shown to the reader and he walked on all fours. Over time, he began to acquire human behavior, relating more to his fellow vignettes. Now iconic elements were also appearing, such as his toja hut on which he lies down. In this way Snoopy was conforming the sly personality that characterizes him.

“Snoopy’s personality could be a bit bittersweet. But he’s a strong character. He can win, or he can lose, be a mess, be a hero, or whatever and things go well for him. I like it when he gets into trouble, he is able to get out of his fantasy and face it.”

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