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Buy Squid Game T-Shirts Online India:- Chess is a game that takes place on a board and that pits two people against each other. Each player has sixteen pieces that can be moved, respecting certain rules, on the board that is divided into sixty-four squares, known as squares .

These pieces are a king , a queen , two rooks , two knights , two bishops and eight pawns . The goal is to overthrow the rival’s king, for which it is possible to capture the various pieces of the opponent.
The board alternates two colors in its squares, usually black and white. The pieces are also distinguished by color: one player starts the game with sixteen black pieces and the other with sixteen white pieces. The way in which each piece can move across the board is defined by the rules , and much of the essence of the game lies in the features of its possible moves.
If a player manages to get one of his pieces to the square where there is an opponent’s piece, he can capture it . In this way, the rival loses one of his pieces. The game is defined when a player makes the opposing king unable to evade a capturing maneuver: such a move is known as checkmate .
Although historically chess pitted one person against another, in recent decades technology has allowed the emergence of computer programs that, through various calculations, “play” chess, determining the movement of the pieces. In this way, a person can play against a computer (computer), or it is even possible for two computer systems to play against each other.

His movement is diagonal and does not have a limit of squares: as long as he finds empty spaces, he can continue advancing to the edge of the board. Something that follows from this rule is that the bishop can never step on a square of the opposite color to the initial one.As each player has a bishop on a black square and another on a white one, it is common to take advantage of this to name them, although they can also be identified according to their proximity to the king or queen.

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