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Buy Pocket T-Shirt Online India:-The pocket T-Shirt is one of the most common elements of some garments.  It consists of a piece of fabric that is sewn inside an opening of the garment, of the same material as the garment .

It is dedicated to the storage of small objects , although, in some other cases, it also has an aesthetic motivation . In the case of the first function, the idea is that we can put in our pocket those small items that we need to have close at hand at times, such as the key to the house, a pen, a piece of paper with a note, among others. others.

It should be noted that the slot can be simple or be protected by a flap. Another additional characteristic feature is that it can be provided with an opening and closing system, for example with a closure, a button, Velcro, among other alternatives.

For example, there are a large number of objects, elements that have just a pocket size: books, watches, cell phones, weapons, pencils and pens.

On the other hand, that bag in which we keep money is also called a pocket .

Meanwhile, in colloquial language the word is used to express that someone has faced an expense with their savings or assets . I paid for the party out of my own pocket and no one gave me anything .

There are also many popular expressions that contain this word, such as: loosen the pocket (when someone is uncomfortable facing a payment), pocket (we use it to express that something has a small size. For example, there is books that are printed in a reduced format and, for example, are called pocket editions, because they fit in them), put someone in your pocket (when someone, through their charisma or actions, wins someone’s favor or affection ) and scratching the pocket (when someone spends money but does not want to do it. It is usually applied to the stingy).

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