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Buy Biker T-Shirts Online India:- We know that the definition of motorcyclist takes us to anyone “who drives a motorcycle”; and that is why this top is aimed at the biker : one who drives with passion and love for two wheels. And it’s not just about getting on the machine, putting on your helmet and driving, but it goes far beyond what you see at first glance.

Motorcycle passion can be felt by anyone, it is not about social status, nationality or gender. A true biker is because of the feeling he shares with his brothers, going out to ride, feeling freedom, clearing the mind and feeling your heartbeat to the fullest. Regardless of which bike you ride, keep in mind that sentiment comes from the heart and not from the wallet.

Bikers use a language that often only we understand and with the growing number of motorcyclists in El Salvador, it is necessary to use our “biker” communication system. These signals can be reaction options at crucial moments when riding.

Our language is used for the circulation of bikers, and thus avoid accidents, warning of certain situations, but the most important thing is that we do not put ourselves in danger and it is easy to understand without generating sudden movements in driving. Although there is no standard on these signs, it is good to know them because despite being informative, they can provide essential information about situations on the road. Next, we share some of the most important signs that you should take into account if you did not know them:

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