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Buy Superman T-Shirts Online India: Superman is a fictional superhero that was born in American comics back in the thirties of the last century, although, soon, by dint of the magnificent repercussion and extension of the character, he became a cultural icon that is used every time it is necessary to express or manifest the strength, resolution and presence of a man … because Superman is just that a “superman”.

In addition, its remarkable success would be essential when it came to developing the superhero genre and of course opening the way to an infinity of similar characters.

The first public appearance of Superman was in the comic book Action Comic, number 1, in the year 1938 .

Although the birth of Superman, was as we pointed out in the role of the comics, over time and due to its phenomenal importance, his fantastic adventures would also be transferred to the cinema, television, video games and even the theater , giving way to a reinvention constant and unstoppable story and character…

It should be noted that along with the character’s impressive growth, his physiognomy and attire would also become unique icons and trademarks, like the character himself, and only attributable to him: gym-worked body, blue suit, red cape and red boots and the shield with the letter S lying on his chest.

Meanwhile, Superman was a forerunner in that of the double life and hidden identity that all superheroes must maintain, since in reality Superman hides behind the life of the shy journalist from the Daily Planet newspaper , Clark Kent , who, when needed to fight evil in Metropolis , the fictional city in which he resides, he leaves his suit, glasses and shyness, puts on the suit with the cape and transforms into the invincible Superman.


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