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Basketball T-shirt is a class of sportswear exclusively designed for playing basketball, an activity that requires good equipment to practice safely. Buying quality basketball clothing is an excellent investment, because it provides comfort, is functional, provides safety, allows you to achieve ideal performance and protects from possible injuries.

Basketball T-shirt are generally used, to facilitate the mobility of the arms. Currently basketball jerseys are made of synthetic materials that help absorb sweat and make it easier for the body to breathe. In competition, the team logo is on the front of the shirt and the player’s name and number on the back.

The footwear must be good because it is the one that will allow us to move around the track and avoid our opponents. In addition, basketball shoes should be high-top to reduce the possibility of a sprain because players often make sudden movements with their feet.

Do not forget that it is a sport where agility is the most important thing. Basketball clothing will have to be loose and light for the same reason . The movements are fast and we should not have anything heavy, stuck or uncomfortable that prevents us. It basically consists of a long, wide shirt and knee-length pants. The design is already at the expense of the kit or club.

The basketball can be made of leather or synthetic materials. It will always have to be rough so that it adheres better to the skin of the hands. You always have to have it well inflated so that it can bounce. But it shouldn’t contain a lot of compressed air either because it can burst at the least inopportune moment. Basketball is a sport in which the bounce of the ball is fundamental.

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