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Buy Astronaut T-Shirts Online India:- An Astronaut is the person who, after having undergone rigorous training, has the ability to operate, pilot or be part of the crew of a spacecraft. These professionals are employed to work on space programs, which are coordinated and executed by the different governments, through their civil or military entities; however, there are certain private companies dedicated to the organization of commercial trips to space.

The work of an Astronaut depends on his position in the crew, in this sense, he can be in charge of piloting or directing the spacecraft, for which he must have the necessary skills and knowledge to be in command of the controls. In addition, the space team may include Cargo Specialists, who are dedicated to handling and protecting cargo on board, or Mission Specialists, such as Scientists and Engineers trained to conduct experiments in the absence of gravity.

The concept of astronaut derives from the English word astronaut . The term refers to an individual who is trained to man a spacecraft (a vehicle that can leave the Earth ‘s atmosphere and fly in outer space).

Astronauts, also called cosmonauts , must have extensive technical knowledge, but also be in optimal physical condition and have a healthy psychological framework to withstand life conditions in aircraft and space stations.

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