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Buy Women T-Shirts Online India:- T-Shirt is a garment made up of different elements that, combined with each other, give an infinite number of shirt models. The elements that most differentiate one shirt from the other are: the collar, the cuffs, the buttons, the buttonholes and the pockets.

The cuff of the shirt in general is 7 cm high. It would have to protrude an inch or so from the sleeve of the jacket. The buttoned cuff does not have to fall at the base of the thumb, as this would be a sign of too long a sleeve and a wide cuff. The cuffs can be basically simple or for cufflinks.

Cotton is born from the weaving of fibers taken from the fluff that covers the seeds of a plant belonging to the Gossypium species.

The longer, whiter and finer the fibers, the higher quality cotton will be. The fibers have a length that varies between 10 and 60 millimeters, which determines their quality (which is why there are very cheap shirts on the market and shirts that can be worth 10 times more).

The best cottons are the Egyptian ones, generally known as ‘makò’, renowned for their extreme fineness (length and diameter of the thread in relation to the weight), brightness and solidity.

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