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Buy Cat T-Shirts Online India: Cats are one of the most accepted pets among people, along with dogs. These felines have a way of being very different from that of these canines, something that makes them very special, both for their attitude, as well as for their characteristics that we will explain to you shortly.

Cats have been with man for thousands of years, adapting to our way of life and living with us in order to receive the necessary care. Unlike other big cats, these, given their size, began to empathize with humans because our ancestors had them as an important part of their society, even coming, in the time of Ancient Egypt, to consider themselves ancient gods who had become in these cunning and solitary animals.

Cats have a great reputation as animals that need to enjoy their independence , unlike other pets such as dogs, these little cats will go about their lives in peace, although when they require affection and attention they will look for the person they love. meets him for scratching or playing. Despite this fame, they also need contact with their owners, or as many say, with their companions, since it is said that a cat does not have an owner, but that he is his own owner, while the person is your pet.

The statement that they are very intelligent is also true, since if they want to get something, be it the attention of the person or food or some object that is not within their reach, they will draw up a mental plan to get to the place they want and in most of the cases it succeeds.

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