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Buy Graphic T-Shirts Online India: Graphic tees are t-shirts with a graphic design located somewhere on the shirt. The image is usually printed on the front of the shirt, but some have designs on the side, back, or sleeves. Graphic tees have been making the rounds on the fashion circuit for years, but they became extremely popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s as designers and manufacturers of clothing of all kinds and sizes began to take advantage of a variety of graphic design techniques made possible by computers and technology.

The term “graphic tees” is used to describe t-shirts that contain images, rather than describing style or fit. Other terms associated with jerseys include “vintage,” which can describe both style and fit, “athletic,” which describes fit only, and “pocket,” which describes a style. Scoop neck, deep v-neck also describe the style. The term “novelty” generally describes a t-shirt with witty, humorous, or obnoxious words or phrases printed on it, but novelty t-shirts can also be considered graphic, especially those that contain easily recognizable images.

Graphic prints, based on illustration and typography, have been associated with cotton t-shirts for decades. This selection of eight models shows what this trend looks like this summer: colors without shyness, electronic spirit and a bit of nostalgia.

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